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Resume and job searching tips for candidates..

Should you lack a couple of the skills designated on a job requirement. Many times there is a training, YouTube Video, about the skills you may not have actual working knowledge of. At least you'll show initiative during the interview by educating yourself prior. It may place you ahead of the others who are interviewing. And, will provide you a form of knowledge understanding which also helps boost your interviewing confidence.

Job seekers (more than ever) need to submit their resumes to many more companies. Therefore, KEEP an (EXCEL SHEET) of JOB SUBMITTING HISTORY LISTING: Company / Date Applied / Applied Yourself / Job Requirement# / Job Title / Staffing Agency Submitted (recruiter name, recruiter eMail, recruiter tel) / Notes (at end) regarding interviews with compensation you may have been provided upfront.

USA Staffing Agency's (sub-contracting Vendor) recruiters are global. Unethical are submitting resumes from 'job board resume databases' into client/companies job requirements 'without' advising the candidates.

The Staffing Agency may not have a VENDOR AGREEMENT with the client/company.

Ethical will already have a 'VENDOR AGREEMENT' WITH THAT CLIENT/COMPANY and contact you prior to submitting your resume.


The ethical Staffing Agency won't know your resume was submitted for the position until they submit your resume into the client/companies 'VMS.' The ethical Staffing Agency will receive an 'rejection' message from the client/companies 'VMS.'

Worst scenario happens when; your resume is 'disqualified.'

Unfortunately, the candidates are never advised. A Staffing Agency is not provided the other Staffing Agencies name who submits candidates to the clients jobs. Each Staffing Agency (only) has access to view their own submits into the client/companies 'VMS.'

Job hunting should not be like walking through a mine-field of dishonesty. A job controls an entire families life.

PROTECTION TIP: Place a NICK-NAME on your resume while in job board databases. Or, use a FIRST NAME with CONFIDENTIAL as a last name. Place an eMail without the phone number on a resume. Only place the City and State (not a full address). If you place your FULL contact information into a database, than LEGALLY you are giving up privacy rights.

AFTER a recruiter contacts you, than, submit a FULL name resume to be submitted to the client/company. Many recruiters understand now.

A Staffing Agency recruiter will ask 'if you've been submitted to a certain company.' WITH SOME COMPANIES, it should apply to the 'job order number' OR 'title of job' more than the 'company' now.


In old days, you had to stay with that ONE Staffing Agency for a year should you be interested in submitted to the 'same company' for another job. NOT ANYMORE. You simply can't be submitted 2x's to the same JOB REQUIREMENT 'NUMBER' OR 'SAME JOB TITLE' WITHIN THE SAME COMPANY. Of course, this may not be the case with every company.

While on the phone with a recruiter you may search the recruiters profile on Linkedin.com. And, send them a 'connection' request to form a better relationship with the recruiter.

The employee's profiles on Linkedin.com assist in the marketing visibility of an entire companies products, culture and image. With ability to view companies who consider the 'overqualified' with an age diversity workforce (TGGS supports).

A PROACTIVE CAREER BENEFIT IS TO; search Linkedin.com recruiter profiles. And, connect with the recruiters within the companies, industries, projects and skills, that you wish to target as your next employment opportunity. You will have direct access to the recruiters when you are ready to make a career move. Especially, if you're a project technology guru who's, in and out, of projects with various companies in your industry.

Remember to place targeted 'key-words' on your Linkedin.com profile with including your resume. Recruiters search for Linkedin.com profiles and resumes by inputting 'key-word' search strings. Your resume won't appear in their search results if you have a 'generic' profile which does not include targeted 'key-words.'

You may consider placing at the top of your Linkedin.com profile 'available for new opportunities.' To let recruiters know.

It's best to connect with recruiters who have (10+) years of experience.

Should you choose to follow our job seeking tips (below). By 'refreshing' your resume in job board databases (often) while adding in extra 'key-words for search visibility' at the end of your resume. You will receive an abundance of opportunities in your eMail. Due to your (savvy activity) resume attracting broad visibility.

Therefore, we always suggest setting up a SEPARATE job seeking FREE eMail account. Specifically used for your resume databases, resume submitting, and job hunting. You may choose to keep that job eMail account (active) even after employed. This is an (especially) great idea for 'Contractors and Consultants' who seek new opportunities often. Or, simply log-on when you have time to see what opportunities are out there.

Even, if you are employed the jobs eMailed (actually) have important industry knowledge of companies with upcoming technology projects. It's truly an interesting way to see what companies are hiring and for what new futuristic skills.

Even if currently employed it's great market research coming right to you, daily, in eMail job orders within your skill-sets.

A separate job hunting eMail will prevent job spam from disrupting your personal life eMails.

PLEASE NOTE: There are FREE eMail accounts which we contact many candidates on. Unfortunately, some FREE eMail accounts RETURN error eMails often. It's because some FREE eMail accounts only have so much space. We suggest an 'AOL' or 'Gmail' account. My resume is 'refreshed' every night with 1000's of 'key-words' to receive recruiting job eMails with who's hiring etc.

If you are seeking to advance your career to the next level. An example would be a 'Manager' seeking their next opportunity as a 'Director.'

Recruiters find your resume in databases by using Boolean 'key-word' searches. If the word 'Director' is not located on your resume then recruiters will never be able to pull up your resume for a 'Director' search position.

We suggest placing on the last page of your resume a caption stating 'key-words for search visibility.' Then, underneath the caption, place all the 'key-words' which will assist recruiters in bringing up your resume in the databases.

Recruiters don't search and think alike. Therefore, the more 'key-words' placed on your resume will attract broader recruiter visibility to your resume. You'll have more job opportunities to choose from.

It will also help to place a 'BRIEF COVER LETTER' as to your readiness for the career advancement. Basically, sell yourself in writing (up-front) to show why you are ready and qualified to be considered for the career advancement. Otherwise, the recruiters will only see 'Manager' on your resume job titles without knowing you are seeking advancement to 'Director.'

This tip also applies if you schooled yourself on a particular skill. However, have not applied that skill in a working environment to list on your resume. Then, you can place that educated skill under your caption stating 'key-words for search visibility.'

The more 'key-words' on your resume offers better odds of career advancement with more employment opportunities coming your way. Basically, recruiters will pull-up your resume more often than others resumes within same skill-set ranges.

Recruiters will completely understand. It actually makes sourcing candidates quicker and easier for the recruiters.

Most recruiters and companies purchase access to the job board 'resume database' of: Monster.com and Careerbuilder.com.

Recruiters generally, start-off, searching for resumes of candidates who 'refreshed' their resume (recently) within that day or within the last couple days. A recruiter can input in their, resume database search box, to target candidates resumes which had 'activity' (refreshed) in the last; 24 hours, 3 days, 1 week, 1 year+.

Recruiters search for resumes with a current refresh (activity) date first.

It's very important when on the job market to 're-upload' your resume every night (at least Monday thru Thursday night) before bedtime. This will create a new 'refresh' date which you can see in the upper left hand corner of your resume page. The new 'refreshed' resume date will be located right below the date which you originally set up your resume account profile.

This will show recruiters you are actively looking. By 'refreshing' your resume shows your resume account had recent 'activity.' The recruiters will see the 'refreshed' date. The new 'refresh' date shows recruiters you are HOT on the market and ready to make a move. As opposed to candidates resumes who are NOT refreshed (had NO 'activity' in the last few weeks or months) as it appears they are NOT truly looking for their next opportunity.

Additionally, 'refreshing' your resume provides you 'upfront visibility' in the job board resume databases AND ahead of your competition with the same skills.

The bigger 'job posting' sites are: Monster.com, Careerbuilder.com, ZipRecruiter.com, Dice.com, Linkedin.com, Indeed.com.

It helps to submit your resume to Internet jobs that were posted within the last 1-7 days. Your resume will be one of, the first, which the recruiter see's when logging into their, 'Applicant Tracking System' (ATS). Try to apply, to the most recent posted jobs first.

Most internet posted jobs automatically close within 30 days. The job boards charge their clients/companies in 30 day increments for each job posting.

The smaller job boards sometimes, re-post, the jobs (themselves) copied from the bigger named job boards. Unfortunately, the job postings may have the appearance of being recently posted jobs by the actual companies who have the opportunities. However, the job postings may be 30 days to (1) year old, and no longer a viable opportunity.

When applying directly to a company. Each companies 'corporate' internal recruiter has approximately 20-70 job openings assigned to them. When submitting your resume it goes to that designated recruiters job openings in the companies, Applicant Tracking System 'ATS.'

The recruiters don't usually pass your resumes around. You must apply (yourself) to each job order number (separately) within that same company career site.

Companies (generally) have several different Staffing Agencies as vendors. The company may have designated a 'Tier Level' for each Staffing Agency Vendor. For instance; Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and so on.

The company will trigger release of the job requirement from their, Vendor Management System 'VMS' to their (Tier 1 Level) Staffing Agency Vendor(s) first. About a couple days later, the company will release the job requirement to their (Tier 2 Level) Staffing Agency Vendor(s). Then, to their (Tier 3 Level) Staffing Agency Vendors.



If 'Contract or Consulting' work requires a separate residence away from home. Ask the Staffing Agency if they offer 'Per Diem' employment contracts. Military are generally familiar with 'Per Diem.' You may find information on the Federal Government GSA site: http://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/104877. It generally calculates to approximately half of your income will not be taxed by the 'Federal' Government. This is to help pay for your housing with meals. The Staffing Agency will provide you with (2) employment contracts; #1) will be a full employment contract with all Federal and States tax deductions. #2) will be a 'Per Diem' employment contract without the Federal tax deductions. If you work on 'Per Diem' as a 'Contractor or Consultant' you'll receive (2) employment checks as well.


When working on 'er Diem' please check regarding 'income' when applying for house loan or standard loans. It may cause some complications.


Some Staffing Agencies offer 'benefits.' While other Staffing Agencies offering the SAME 'Contracting or Consulting' position (with the same client) will NOT. Some Staffing Agencies negotiate 'benefit' upgrades with their clients (for their Contractors and Consultants). For instance benefits regarding; earned PTO, major holiday pay, health, life.. You may wish to inquire when choosing a Staffing Agency to represent you for a 'Contract or Consulting' position. Again, you may be targeted for the same job by 2-3 different Staffing Agencies. You may wish to choose the Staffing Agency representative that offers the extra 'benefit' perks.


Some Staffing Agencies whom offer the added 'benefits' for 'Contractors and Consultants' may offer a 'lower hourly' compensation to cover the 'benefit' costs. You may be able to negotiate removing the added 'benefits' in order to receive a 'higher hourly' compensation. Either way, you may wish to ask questions regarding 'benefits' when choosing a Staffing Agency to represent you. Many days now, there are so many Staffing Agencies targeting the same candidates for the same client jobs.

As more IT-CYBER SECURITY employment positions are available. Companies may require candidates to acquire a SECRET CLEARANCE within their FIRST year of employment. The company generally compensates for it. A major concern with candidates is unpaid medical bills or (due to economic down turn or house devaluation) their credit is less than perfect. Therefore, some truly qualified candidates don't apply for the positions which may require ability to obtain a SECRET CLEARANCE 'after' employed. THAT MAY NOT BE THE CASE, they may actually QUALIFY for a SECRET CLEARANCE.



Generally, larger companies require Staffing Agency (vendors) to submit candidates resumes into a web-based, Vendor Management System 'VMS'. The 'VMS' interacts with the companies internal corporate recruiters, Applicant Tracking System 'ATS.'

AFTER your resume is submitted in the client companies 'VMS.' All the Staffing Agency recruiter see's when logging into the (web-based) client companies 'VMS' is whether the candidates resume is; 'under review', 'reviewed', 'qualifying', 'interview scheduled', 'offer out', 'declined', or 'rejected'.

The Staffing Agency recruiter can easily check the client companies 'VMS' to advise candidates of their 'VMS' resume status.

Some companies Staffing Agency 'Vendor Agreements' state the Staffing Agency recruiters, are ONLY to interact with the corporate hiring managers and internal recruiters through the 'VMS' protocol. The Staffing Agencies are NOT to contact corporate hiring managers, directly. Generally, due to so many Staffing Agencies working with one client. The hiring managers would be bombarded with recruiters.

Many clients corporate recruiters, may hold some candidates resumes in 'under review' status. We believe it's to 'hold' the candidate for review later. Sometimes the resumes are never taken out of 'under review' status. Candidates are left in limbo.

The internal corporate recruiter or human resources, logs into their, Applicant Tracking System 'ATS.' The internal corporate recruiter see's the Staffing Agency recruiter submitted candidates resumes (separately) under each individual job requirement. The internal corporate recruiter will review the resume. When the internal corporate recruiter, likes, the candidates resume they will trigger their 'ATS' to send the candidates resume for 'review' to the hiring manager. The hiring manager, will receive a notice in their eMail to view the candidates resume. Then, the hiring manager, may trigger the 'ATS' to 'schedule interview' or 'reject' the candidates resume in the 'ATS'. Remember, the corporate recruiters 'ATS' interacts with the Staffing Agencies 'VMS.' The Staffing Agency can log into the 'VMS' and view the candidates progress (at least most of the time).

The Staffing Agency recruiter will receive an 'automated eMail' from the 'VMS' when the hiring manager, is interested in scheduling an interview. The Staffing Agency recruiter contacts the candidate with interview times. Then, inputs the interview times back into the 'VMS' which notifies the internal corporate recruiter with hiring manger, the candidate is scheduled for the interview. Wallah, the hiring manager calls you.

Some companies who's hiring manager's have reviewed resumes may place notes in the 'VMS' as to why the candidate was 'rejected.' For instance, a brief note stating 'limited projects with JAVA..'

Ask your Staffing Agency recruiter; if your resume is submitted into a companies 'VMS' or 'directly' with 'direct communication' with the hiring manager.

Many Staffing Agencies submit the first (2) candidates whom reply to the Staffing Agencies 'automated' eMail job spam first.

FYI: We don't.

Generally, when Staffing Agencies are required to submit resumes into a client companies, Vendor Management System 'VMS.' The 'VMS' ONLY allows the Staffing Agency recruiter to submit (2) candidates. The recruiter's work may be overloaded and, therefore required to move to the next client quickly. By submitting (only) the 1st (2) candidates to the next client companies job as well.

The biggest TRAGEDY with spam Staffing Agencies. Is the TRULY qualified candidates are, left in the dust, and never submitted for the job they earned. Because they simply saw an eMail or job posting a couple days later. Even if a lower level candidate responded first, they were submitted. Because, the recruiter is to 'get their resume submit QUOTA in for the day.' Then, the recruiter's pushed to, 'move on', to other job requirements. The Staffing Agency won't allow a recruiter to look back, to re-consider submitting better qualified candidates whom noticed the job eMail or job posting at a later date. It's simply the way they operate by calling it 'a numbers game.'

Unfortunately, quality candidates are left in the dust.

Additionally, companies are NOT actually receiving the candidates they should.

Many USA Staffing Agencies (now) have 'sub-contractor' 'vendor' agreements with abroad sourcing Staffing Agencies. The abroad 'sub-contractor' Staffing Agency crawls the resume databases for candidates using automated crawlers. And, submits the USA candidates resumes directly into the USA Staffing Agency clients, Vendor Management System 'VMS.'

The abroad Staffing Agency 'sub-contracting' 'vendor' recruiters (at times) are NOT direct employee's with the USA Staffing Agency. ALTHOUGH, the abroad 'sub-contracting' 'vendor' recruiter will have the USA Staffing Agency's; phone number, website address, with USA address on their eMail. HOWEVER, their 'extension' transfers calls (somewhere in the world) to the abroad 'sub-contracting' 'vendor' Staffing Agency recruiter. They are a 'sub-contracting' Staffing Agency or '3rd party''vendor.' NOT a direct employee of the USA Staffing Agency.

When you submit your 'personal ID' or 'background check' information to a USA Staffing Agencies 'sub-contracting' 'vendor' abroad recruiter. Although, they advertise the USA Staffing Agencies; address, phone and website on their eMail to appear a USA direct employee of that Staffing Agency. Your background check information and ID's may NOT protected under USA State or Federal "CONSUMER PROTECTION LAWS."