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About Us - Our ultimate goal is longevity in relationships..

Dear Clients & Candidates..;

TalentGen Global Solutions, of Companies offers 'overqualified' recruiter support with each over 10+ years of experience. Our staffing professionals are hired for their discerning ability to produce 'win-win' relationships for both the candidate and client.

Recruiting high-niche professionals requires more than skill-set key-word recognition.

We also consider project & industry knowledge with culture, job, succession plan, growth performance and compensation requirements.

We evaluate where a candidates success is currently while considering the goals which they've groomed themselves to achieve.

One way to staff a position is by working fast and submitting (2) top candidates from an immediate pool of resumes.

However, the candidate who truly deserves the position is rarely that easily sourced. The client may miss an opportunity to obtain their ultimate hiring goal. Additionally, It's a tragedy when the perfect prospect is left behind.

A true 'win-win' solution requires strategic INGENUITY by utilizing a variety of sourcing techniques, resources with avenues, to gain the widest exposure -- coupled with a process of elimination.

Our passion for recruiting, drives us to work with INTEGRITY by sending a flow of resumes until the client is completely satisfied.

Each client has a variety of staffing concerns, obstacles and desires. We research, listen and tailor our services to meet your needs while offering a variety of staffing solutions for your consideration.

There's a perfect 'win-win' for everyone when INGENUITY is our recruiters passion.


The Recruiters

Who is TalentGen Global Solutions, of Companies founder?

TalentGen Global, founder is a 24+ year (true) Sr. Global Recruiter. Whom was initially advised while interviewing for recruiting positions that she was too 'nice' to be a recruiter. She didn't give up on her passion to offer people opportunities to build their 'personal empires.'

'Personal Empire' is defined by our founder as the rewards which come from having a 'win-win' JOB; self-satisfaction, happiness, contentment, nice retirement, insurance, car, home, vacations, big and little toys, clothes, food, dining in your favorite restaurant, and peace of mind your bills will be paid...

A GREAT JOB can (seriously) turn someones life around. It's a wonderful feeling to offer someone a JOB they truly deserve and wanted.

Our founder sought advice from a business consultant whom educated top business executives. Advising she had zero money but a passion and while living in a studio apartment. While sitting in front of a top business guru saying "I can do this and I can do that." For two hours the business consultant listened for FREE while TalentGen Global founder mentioned ideas for staffing. After, advised our founder to return each week without charge.

During the business consultants free visits:

TalentGen Global, founder started her own staffing services offering permanent placements to technology and leadership talent 24+ years ago. She was a top performer (by her 2nd month) with her clients (vs) other larger staffing agencies. After the executives started their new employment opportunities they asked her to staff their teams. She has not stopped recruiting ever since.

Treating people with the utmost respect, paid-off, considerably. Our founder saved on business development costs as well.

I was very proud walking a $5,000.00 check into my mentor and business consultant named Barbara. Best feeling in the world to pay someone back for offering free services which launched a career that I love.

With small business growth her time turned into running a business with less time to offer people jobs:

Five years later the founder was offered direct corporate recruiting (contract and consulting) positions with USA fortune 1000 & 500 companies on Vice Presidents budgets. While recruiting they asked her to implement and drive global recruiting strategies which included building diversified culture teams for USA Corporate abroad projects. She met with project teams in; Munich Germany, Japan, India, London, Greece..

TalentGen Global, founder was the first to initiate global 'video-conference' candidate interviews in 1999. Utilizing a 'video-conference bridging' company whom had satellite centers in the most remote area's globally. Candidates could take a train or ride their bike to a 'video-conference' interview. This saved her Vice President's budget's (project time and money) from flying candidates from various countries for interviews.

Candidates accepted employment offers after the 'video-conference' interviews.

TalentGen Global, founder is an exceptional 'pre-qualifier.' She proactively ensures her managers time is well spent interviewing viable candidates. By proactively ensuring there is a 'win-win' situation. Therefore, she can 'close' the candidates which her hiring managers spent their valuable time interviewing. TalentGen Global, founder offer-to-hire ratios with retention are approximately 99%.

TalentGen Global founder, additionally, contracted and consulted with small to major funded start-ups; from 2 million$ to a 450 million$ global telecommunications company. Building their executive team with staff. While ensuring employment branding was strategic and thorough. Smaller funded start-ups asked her to educate their human resource's department to take over recruiting due to limited budgets for staffing. As opposed to utilizing staffing agencies.

Since the economic downturn in 2009, our founder survived in recruiting with small and medium size staffing agencies. Where she could implement staffing idea's. The USA job market was severely declined. Therefore, our founder expanded her employers job opportunities to global client markets whom would consider USA talent. While partnering with abroad certified staffing agencies.

TalentGen Global, founder is truly an 'in-depth' and 'broad knowledge' Sr. Global Recruiter. With a proven track record of 'street-smart' recruiting successes. From corporate structure recruiting to the staffing firm side, in the global market place.

As the economy returned she experienced the 'overqualified' and 'too Sr.' stigma.


TalentGen Global is formed; offering her the ability to 'do what she loves and it shows in her work' -- forever.


What is Talent Management?

Talent Management is an all-encompassing term for 'Strategic Human Capital Talent Activities' such as recruitment/hiring, on-boarding, engagement, succession planning, performance management, workforce planning, retention, human resources operation, and leadership development.

It's about acquiring, engaging, and developing the needed talent to execute organizational goals and objectives.

Talent Management activities like recruitment/hiring, retention and engagement are focused on HOW you get the workforce you need in the door and keep them there.

Workforce planning, performance management, and succession planning are activities focused on developing workforce capabilities.

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